GaryB Drooling Bib

Drooling is a condition of excessive secretions, usually caused from the side effects of  medication,  difficulty swallowing due to neurological conditions, or its often a result of weak or underdeveloped muscles around your mouth and  having too much saliva. Shockingly our saliva glands  make 2 to 4 pints of saliva per day and if drooling is an issue for you or your loved one it’s is a total pain to deal with. There are some treatments available but effects vary and are sometimes inconsistent. Talk to your consultant if drooling is an issue.

Some people leak through very quickly and everything on top, may then need to be changed, which adds to the workload of an already  very demanding day. Hoisting out of their chair, changing their clothes which probably would have lasted all day otherwise and then there’s the increased laundry. As if you don’t have enough to do. Sitting in wet clothes also brings the risk of cold on the chest, something a parent or carer of a fragile , medically challenged person finds a nightmare.

Our GaryB Drooling bibs were designed by me for my own son Gary who drooled quite a lot. I was tired of paying a lot of money for bibs  that promised the sun, moon and stars and seriously underperformed. I was fed up, I wanted a bib that worked. I wanted age appropriate stuff for a big boy. 15 years ago when |I started out, the choice just wasn’t available and even now performance of many is still pretty poor, some look great but not great for holding secretions and preventing leakage.  GaryB brings out the big guns for big jobs..  Like all our products, they just work. They do what they say on the tin so to speak.

GaryB Drooling  dribble bibs are totally different. They are super soakers and they hold a massive 50ml of liquid without leaking. 50ml is  alot of liquid, take a look at our comparison here.

Our GaryB drooling dribble bibs are made using, not just 2 or  3 layers, but 4 layers of fabric to soak up the liquid, to eliminate leakage, to be cozy against the chest and to be soft against the skin. They also look the biz.  Looking like an accessory rather than sticking out like a sore  thumb.Dribble drooling soaker bib

We have a vast selection of age appropriate patterns and colour combinations suitable for adults or kids, that offers dignity to the user and increases confidence that their practical needs are taken care of and they are dressed in style.

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As with all our GaryB products we offer value for money in the form of hard wearing, long lasting, durable products that will withstand the test of time through repeated washing and drying. We know finding practical, functional, and durable products that are also fashionable  and show personality can  be difficult but …

With GaryB We’ve Got You Covered!!!