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As I sit in my workshop, I am surrounded by all things Gary.

I know you understand that it’s been hard for me to find my mojo since Gary passed away almost 3 yrs ago.  I’ve had to find my place in the world again. I’m not the mam to a child with special needs anymore; something I’d made a career of. It’s been hard to leave all I knew behind. It’s been like starting a new job. There have been times I thought it was back, just for it to slide down the back of the chair and leave me wondering if I could ever find my get up and go. Some time off, a change of scenery, a new workshop, my new website that I’m so excited and proud of has given me the umph I think I needed.

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You are why I’m back.

My never-ending team of inspiring, supportive, caring, understanding, compassionate supporters many who I am honoured to call friends. Your words of encouragement, kindness and support have helped me through some rough times. This time I’m back…

We are back taking orders.

We have super cool new website nearly ready designed by Joanne at Applejack Marketing that I am soooooo sooooo super excited to launch. I feel this will bring GaryB to the next level. It’ll make us easier to find.

In the last few months I have been preparing for our re-launch. I have worked with Sean from SkyHigh Productions who has worked on a video for me to introduce myself and with some help from my fab GaryB SuperStars show my brilliant GaryB Blankets.. We had an amazing day, luckily the sun shone so we got some fab photos of my brilliant models..

For me it’s been really important to get back to doing what I love. It still gives me a rush and leaves me amazed at what you can make with a little imagination. With the legacy of my beautiful boy I am so proud to have called him my son and know he has his place in your life…