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Choosing the right size

product for your needs

We are not a “One Size Fits all” kind of operation. That is why our GaryB products come in a variety of 5 generous sizes.

Being the most frequently asked question, we thought Choosing the Right Size deserved its very own section. Hopefully you can answer all your size related queries right here.  We want you to be happy with your purchase so it is important that you select the perfect one.  We have created this handy size guide so you can work out what you need.  As always, if you are in doubt you can always send us an email and we will be able to further guide you.


        Extra Small (XS)           Small (S)      Medium (M)       Large (L)   Extra Large (XL) Extra Wide
       (2-4yrs.)            (4-7yrs.)       (7-10yrs.)        (10yrs+)

Our GaryB Extra Small Blankets besides being the cutest thing ever are perfect for your child either still using a buggy or in their first wheelchair.  It is suitable for age (2-4yrs.) of average size.

Our Small GaryB Blanket is perfectly sized for a child age (4-7yrs.) of average size.

The GaryB Medium is designed for a child age (7-10yrs.) of average size.

Our Large GaryB blanket is sized for a growing child age 10yrs. to someone 5”6.

The GaryB Extra Large is generously sized as it is extra long and wide.

The GaryB Extra Wide is suitable for someone who need a little extra coverage.

The Extra Small is 23” wide and 28” long

The Small is 26” wide and 34” long

The Medium is 30” wide and 40” long

The Large is 32” wide and 48” long

The Extra Large is 36” wide and 56” long

The Extra Wide is 36” wide and 48” long

How to decide which blanket is for you.

Decide which age bracket you fall into eg. If your child is 7 you should need a size medium. If your child is 9 you may want to go for the next size to allow for growing room.

If your child is bigger or smaller than average you may need to choose the blanket size up or down .

If you are still unsure, measure while sitting the distance from the toe to the knees to under the arms. Measure in a straight line. Don’t follow the curves of the legs. You should have 2 straight lines from toe to knee and from knee to under the arms. This will be a good guide for choosing your blanket size.

GaryB Super Soaker Bibs

Size Small GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bib is suitable for age 3 to 7, we use baby soft Velcro on this size which is super soft next to delicate skin. The neckline is adjustable for a comfy or loose fit. Varying from 11” to 15”.  These Size Small give great coverage if your little one dribbles lots.

Our Original GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bib Size Med is suitable for age 7+ to Adult. Its perfect for the growing child or also a great fit for the average adult. Neckline is 15” to 19”

Our New Size Large GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bib is super-sized, offering great coverage for an adult with extra drooling issues. It is  1.5” longer and wider than our original GaryB drooling Bib, this makes a huge difference in coverage. The neckline is adjustable for a comfortable fit. Neckline 15” to 21”


These are designed for people that find it difficult to use regular gloves.

We have 4 sizes available.

Size 1  Age 7/10

Size 2  Age 10/14

Size 3  Adult

Size 4  XL

GaryB Hoody

Child Size 1 –  Suitable for age 7/9 –  Under Arm to Under Arm 20″,  Arm Length 23″,  Length 21″

Child Size 2 – Suitable for age 9/11 – Under Arm to Under Arm 22″,  Arm Length 24″,  Length 22″

Child Size 3 – Suitable for age 11/13 – Under Arm to Under Arm 24″ Arm Length 25.5″, Length 23″

Adult Small – suggested size 10/12

Adult Med –  suggested size 12/14

Adult Large – suggested size 14/16