Houndstooth | Red


All our blankets are made using a special combination of fabrics. We use 4 layers to achieve the brilliant qualities you have come to know and love. Such as a hidden waterproof layer that serves 4 functions.

  • It makes it completely waterproof, preventing rain and water from reaching the user, keeping them warm and dry
  • It acts as an insulation layer, keeping all the heat in, preventing any heat escaping through the fabric
  • Also acting as a wind barrier, blocking any draughts in the fabric
  • As an internal layer, it doesn’t interfere with the visual appearance of the blanket, allowing us to use fun, friendly and fashionable fabrics and patterns. No boring grey at GaryB

All our blankets are guaranteed not to fall off owing to the unique Loop strap, to use with the Lap belt. They are fully fitted and will not get caught under the wheels or drag on the ground.





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RoyalWashing Instructions/ Care Guidelines

  • Machine wash at up to 40°
  • Tumble dry on a low heat
  • Will dry quickly over the back of a chair
  • Close all Velcro to preserve life length
  • Made from 100% Polyester

Our products are NOT fire retardant. Please handle accordingly near fire, open flame or cigarettes.




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