These Deluxe blankets are not only beautiful to look at, but ooze quality. They are handmade, using  3 layers, a fluffy fleece layer that’s super soft, a thermal layer that locks all the heat in and a layer of  beautiful Minky fleece that looks so good, it shines. Its designed  to keep you super warm while looking elegant .

They are a super blanket to throw over you in the evening when the heating is turned off or the sun is gone down. They make a great present for your elderly parents or relatives who always feel the cold.

With todays energy prices anything that keeps the costs down is a winner for me.

Our Blankets, as beautiful as they are, are made for snuggling into and will happily wash and dry in the machine on a low heat. They are very durable and take the abuse of daily living, while staying fabulous .

They are super sized at 65″ x 58″ so if you really have to share, there’s room for 2.