GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Dribble Bib | Emerald Green Fusion / Black


Emerald Green Fusion / Black

Our GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bibs.

As the name suggests our GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bibs are the bee’s knees for anyone, adult or child with chronic drooling issues.

Our bibs have been carefully designed to be the best drooling bib you will find. Made using 4 layers our bibs are most importantly waterproof, meaning absolutely no leaks, which results in fewer unnecessary, time-consuming and inconvenient changes which in turn leads to less laundry and from experience, a dry chest will lead to  less chest infections. Our Super Soakers hold an eye watering 50ml of liquid safely without leaking. They are soft against the skin and warm against the chest. They wash and dry in the machine or air dry easily overnight. They don’t lose their shape or colour and will absolutely withstand the abuse of daily use. They are a gamechanger in the fight against drooling.




Our GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bibs.

Up until now we have only had a one size bib, but due to  demand we have now developed 3 different sizes.

Size Small GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bib is suitable for age 3 to 7, we use baby soft Velcro on this size which is super soft next to delicate skin. The neckline is adjustable for a comfy or loose fit. Varying from 11” to 15”.  These Size Small give great coverage if your little one dribbles lots.

Our original GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bib Size Med is suitable for age 7+ to Adult. Its perfect for the growing child or also a great fit for the average adult. Neckline is 15” to 19” 

Our New Size Large GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bib is super-sized, offering great coverage for an adult with extra drooling issues. It is  1.5” longer and wider than our original GaryB drooling Bib, this makes a huge difference in coverage. The neckline is adjustable for a comfortable fit. Neckline 15” to 21”

These bibs are not your average bib and are loved  for many reasons.

  • By offering excellent soakage and absorbency, they reduce the amount of daily changes.
  • They are completely leakproof thus avoid the need for unnecessary and inconvenient clothes changes throughout the day. Ultimately reducing your daily laundry.
  • They are  soft to the touch and are fleece backed for extra comfort. .
  • Our bibs are practical  as they machine wash easily and dry quickly either in the dryer on a low heat or air dry.
  • These bibs come in a vast range of age appropriate colours and patterns to suit any child or adult.
  • They are a  fantastic practical accessory that allows you to accessorize or blend with your outfit.

Washing Instructions/ Care Guidelines

  • Machine wash at up to 40°
  • Tumble dry on a low heat
  • Will dry quickly over the back of a chair
  • Close all Velcro to preserve life length
  • Made from 75% Polyester 25% Cotton

Our products are NOT fire retardant. Please handle accordingly near fire, open flame or cigarettes.

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