• GaryB has designed another gamechanging innovative product to make life easier for you.

    Our new GaryB Backless Hoodie is an oversized double layered top. Each layer is 280gsm of fleece, giving 560gsm of comfort and heat. It comfortably slips on over the head, with only a partial back, it gives plenty of stretch and makes fitting a piece of cake. No more stretching and struggling. Although not waterproof, it is water repellant, meaning rain beads off it instead of soaking in . Matching Cuff unless requested. Colours Available , Cerise Pink, Navy, Grey, Black GaryB product are not exactly Life Changing but we are undeniably Lifestyle Changing !!!!
  • GaryB Bandana Drooling Bibs

  • This is a size Medium GaryB Complete Blanket. Ready to Purchase, with same day dispatch. The GaryB Complete is a one-piece blanket designed to keep you, your legs and feet warm, dry and cozy.  Your legs and feet will be completely protected as this blanket encloses the feet, legs and lap.  This is our most popular blanket as it is super convenient, slipping on over the feet like a sleeping bag offering excellent protection from the elements. It’s an amazing all-round blanket. It’s available to order in 5 sizes from Extra Small which makes a perfect first blanket for your little one, from age 2  to our Extra Large for anyone up to 6ft , as it’s extra-long and wide.

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