• GaryB has designed another game changing innovative product to make life easier for you.

    Our new GaryB Backless Hoodie is an oversized double layered top. Each layer is 280gsm of fleece, giving 560gsm of comfort and heat. It comfortably slips on over the head, with only a partial back, it gives plenty of stretch and makes fitting a piece of cake. No more stretching and struggling. The front body of the hoody acts as its own blanket to simply tuck into the sides of the chair. It is generously sized, big and comfy is the name of the game here. Although not waterproof, it is water repellant, meaning rain beads off it instead of soaking in .   GaryB products, are not exactly Life Changing,  but we are undeniably Lifestyle Changing! But we could be wrong. To some they are Life Changing... 
  • Ready To Roll for Immediate Delivery Size Medium Suitable for age 7+ to Adult As the name suggests our GaryB Super Soaker Drooling Bibs are the bee’s knees for anyone, adult or child with chronic drooling issues. Our bibs have been carefully designed to be the best drooling bib you will find. Made using 4 layers our bibs are most importantly waterproof, meaning absolutely no leaks, which results in fewer unnecessary, time-consuming and inconvenient changes which in turn leads to less laundry and from experience, a dry chest will lead to  less chest infections. Our Super Soakers hold an eye watering 50ml of liquid safely without leaking. They are soft against the skin and warm against the chest. They wash and dry in the machine or air dry easily overnight. They don’t lose their shape or colour and will absolutely withstand the abuse of daily use. They are a gamechanger in the fight against drooling. For our complete New Range of Made to Order https://garybwheelchairaccessories.ie/product-category/super-soaker-drooling-bibs/


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